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Keep it simple & secure.

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Take a Proactive approach to cybersecurity, embrace Triple Defence powered by Cleopatra to command and control secure by design implementation of Level 3,4 and level 5 remote connectivity requirements.

 At Triple Defence, we understand the critical need for robust cyber defence service to safeguard your business from threats. With our comprehensive suite of solutions, we offer full protection against cyber attacks, ensuring the utmost security for your sensitive data. From cutting-edge firewalls to advanced threat detection systems, our technology is designed to keep your network safe from any potential breaches.

Our range of cyberdefence products goes beyond the basics, providing advanced features that can address the most sophisticated threats. With real-time monitoring and proactive threat intelligence, we can identify and neutralize any potential risks before they cause harm. Trust Triple Defence for reliable and efficient products that prioritize your cyber defence needs. Invest in our solutions, and rest easy knowing that your business is fully protected from breaches or any

other cyber threats that may come your way.

Cleopatra the security solution that creates authenticated user groups that are invisible to the normal internet network. It reduces risks, minimizes complexity and cost for clients. We are constantly enhancing clients defense against zero-day attacks. Experience unmatched security, enhanced resilience, and complete peace of mind for your organization's digital assets.

The innovative and solid cyber defense architecture delivered through Cleopatra offers you the capability to connect your supply chain and third-parties without having to worry about the cybersecurity maturity level of those organizations and the threats that may pose to your data & process integrity, availabilty and confidentiality.

Triple Defence Remote Access Architecture

1. Secure by Design configuration

2. Smallest possible attack surface

3. Zero day & Malware exploitation mitigation

Too much complexity, almost constant state of vulnerability, scarcity & high cost of resources

1. Because you want to connect everything fast andtherefore will always be vulnerable

2. Because you have limited control over security status of trusted environments (third-party/supply chain/IOT-network)

3. Because you need to comply to regulations.

 Rock Solid CyberDefence Capability 

1. Triple Defence: Asset Inventory, Threat & Vulnerability mitigation, Zero Trust Access Control.

2. Cleopatra: Fast, Simple and Affordable Secure by Design Supply chain -, Third party -, IOT networking platform.

3. Save Time, Save Energy, Save Resources.

Cleopatra services/capabilities

1. Asset inventory

2. Zero Trust Access Control

3. Super-fast Disaster Recovery

Keep it Simply Secure by Design

1. We designed an architecture blueprint for you to securely connect everything

2. We deliver integrated controls and secure configuration, you can setup, administer and control your own secure by design remote connection infrastructure (create your private business/enterprise intranet using the internet)

3. Minimize your attack surface by implementing Triple Defence remote access Architecture designed to assure compliance to NIS2, DORA etc...



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