Safeguard the ocean and its resources from unlawful  

exploitation and intentional critical damage.


Maritime organisations need to take appropriate steps to identifying, analysing, assessing, and communicating cybersecurity risks, and accepting, avoiding, transferring, or mitigating them to an acceptable level. This requires an overall organisational approach of risk management, which involves:

1. Ensuring a clear overview over the various hardware and software systems deployed for delivering different services. In the context of maritime transport, such systems involve Information Technology (IT) as well as Operational Technologies (OT), and how these systems connect and integrate with the shore side, including public authorities, marine terminals and stevedores.

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How does the Cleopatra Safety
Network Module work in maritime?

The Cleopatra Safety Network Module uses a combination of satellite-based positioning systems, onboard sensors, and advanced communication technologies to provide real-time information about vessel movements and environmental conditions.
This information is transmitted to be analyzed and processed to generate alerts and warnings in case of any potential safety risks.
The module also enables seamless communication between ships, ports, and other stakeholders, and secure remote access ensuring better coordination and collaboration for safe and efficient operations.

Conserving Endangered Species

Today’s global maritime sector is increasingly reliant on digitalization, operational integration, and automation [1,2]. Leading shipbuilders and operators seek to innovate by utilizing cutting-edge technologies and systems that go beyond traditional designs to create ships with advanced remote control, communication, and connectivity capabilities.
The adoption of Information and Communications Technology (ICT) in the shipping industry is certainly accompanied by an explosion of cyber risks, with existing risks being increased and new risks being introduced
In this respect, the maritime sector, which until now was considered safe due to the lack of Internet connectivity and the isolated nature of ships in the sea, is showing a 900% increase in cybersecurity breaches on operational technology as it enters the digital era.
Therefore, ensuring the safety and security ons ship cannot be ensured and necessitates a novel security approach which supports connectivity between all of the various systems onboard and onshore.

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We use a combination of satellite systems, onboard sensors and advanced communication technologies to provide real-time information on vessel movements and environmental conditions to generate alerts and warnings in case of potential security risks. The module also enables seamless communication between ships, ports and other stakeholders, ensuring better coordination and collaboration for safe and efficient operations.

The Cleopatra Safety Network Module offers several benefits to the shipping industry, including improving safety, efficiency and profitability. By providing real-time information on vessel movements and environmental conditions, the module enables better decision making for safe and efficient operations, it also helps reduce the risk of accidents and minimize the impact of any incidents that may occur.

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Combating Climate Change

Additionally, the module can help optimize ship routes and reduce fuel consumption, resulting in cost savings and environmental benefits. Overall, the Cleopatra security network module is a game-changer for maritime security and has the potential to transform the shipping industry.

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Cleopatr@ And Maritime

Maritime safety is a crucial aspect of the shipping industry and technological advances have made it possible to ensure safe and efficient operations at sea. The Cleopatra safety Network module is one of those innovations that has revolutionized the way maritime safety is ensured. This model is designed to provide real-time information on the location, speed and direction of vessels, as well as weather conditions and other critical data that can affect safety at sea. By using this module, ship operators and authorities can make timely and informed decisions to prevent accidents and ensure the safety of crew and cargo.

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Maritime Incidents

The impact of the Cleopatra security network module on maritime security. Several case studies have demonstrated the effectiveness of the Cleopatra security network module in improving maritime security. An example of this is the implementation of the module by the port of Rotterdam in the Netherlands. By using this module, the port was able to reduce the number of incidents and accidents, improve ship traffic management and improve communication between ships and port authorities. This resulted in significant improvements in safety, efficiency and profitability for the port and the wider shipping industry.

We worked hard to develop the best existing solution to avoid and protect your vessels and cargo, anywhere from shorter trajects to no fire incidents or other types of disasters.

Ensuring more safety for your crew, your ships, your cargo, your ports and also your raputation.

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Signal and connectivity problem on ships

We have found the ultimate solution for on board connectivity, remote control, IoT signal... problems Electromagnetic inference is a big problem for sending / receiving signals from sensors from inside containers to a central point.

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