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At Triple Defence Engineering, we are dedicated to enhancing technologies, developing innovative solutions to enhance air and water quality, reduce energy consumption, and enhance automotive safety and performance, ultimately improving quality of life.

Up In The Air.

See how we get rid of most of fireworks after-explosion air pollutants and make the pleasing show even more pleasing.

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It's not drones, it's not chemistry and definitely not magic.

Lean. Mean. Water machine.

This machine generates clean water and electricity at the same time, making it fully autonomous.

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Water is for everyone 

Unleash the brakes.

Skilled racing drivers use the Threshold technique for braking. It is more effective than the ABS braking, we have made the threshold braking available for all cars instead of the ABS.

Experience the zero slip braking grip.

Spread Your Wings.

Revolutionary solution for all kinds of trucks at high way speeds.

More than 45% less air resistance resulting a significant reduction in consumption.

The end of trucks high consumption.

Launch & Space Refueling.

Our launching solutions, ensures more controlled launches with reduced propellant consumption.

More launches, less Fuel

Clean Air.

The City Air Filter cleans up pollutants in the air, creating comfort breathing and better air quality.

Be Green. Be Clean.


We improve the planet, we make better use of todays technology for the benefit of humans and nature.

By inventing and improving existing technologies we solve engineering problems and deliver new solutions.

Air & Water

Air & Water, the two main factors of life, it’s what makes our planet so special.

We welcome you to explore our cutting-edge engineering solutions aimed at enhancing air quality and revolutionizing clean water production through advanced technologies.


We enhance the automotive and aerospace industries through innovative inventions and technological advancements. Our team of experts focuses on creating new concepts and improving existing technologies.


We are at the forefront of innovative IOT engineering solutions for companies looking to enhance their operations. Our expert team leverages advanced technologies to design and implement customised IOT systems that improve efficiency, security, and connectivity.

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